Skincare for men

His Care Is Important Care!

Men are buying products that support their skin and hygiene needs. The market is flooded with skin care items for women, but what about the men? Men are equally committed to putting their best face forward. From serums that moisturize the facial hair, hands and crowned jeweled hair; to cleansers that wash the face and body without stripping the natural skin's oils, there is a population of men who are investing in skincare products.

In 1994 the phrase "Metrosexual" was coined. In terms of skincare, it referred to a man who loved his appearance and spent dollars on it. Today's man is understanding that good hygiene practices go hand in hand with skincare. So how do you begin?

Let's Start With Skin Type

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a breeding ground for bacteria as it traps dirt forming blackhead and acne that can lead to blemishes if not cared for properly. Ugh! The dreaded sometimes painful back head. So what do you do to combat this problem? For starters, you want to cleanse the face morning, evening, and after workouts. It's best to apply an oil-free moisturizer.  Also, exfoliating twice a week can help with removing dead skin and fight against clog pores. 

Dry Skin


Combination Skin

Normal Skin


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